Fresh Herbs

Fresh herbs header

“Spring will be here soon,

New beginnings and new goals,

Plant seeds, watch them grow”

The flowers are starting to bloom here in Charleston. Spring is a time for new beginnings and growth and I want to do something new this year. I’ve been cooking for a log time but I have never thought of growing my own field. I do currently live in a city without a yard but I think this year I can start something, no matter how small it may be.

I got the urge to grow my own food/herbs after finding it so difficult to shop for one. Ideally, I’d make a new dish every couple days but it doesn’t seem possible with the way I have to shop now. I need parsley for this, cilantro for that and thyme for that other thing.  At the store, all I can find is herbs in larger quantities and I usually don’t even buy them because I know they’ll go bad before I use them. I know my food lacks without them, so I’ve decided to try and grow my own so I can pick and choose which quantity I need for that night or week.

I had thought about doing this but I still needed a little push, so when I got a little herb garden starter set for my bday, I know this was the motivation I needed. Besides the new gardening skill I will learn if I am successful, I hope it teaches me some patience and accountability (someone has to water them). The best part about it is I should finally have fresh herbs on hand whenever I need them. Now I’ve never gardened before, but I’m hoping I can get at least one plant to grow from this. An extra benefit will be watching something grow from start to finish: from seed to stem, flower to my plate, I will be able to see my work come full circle.

I also feel as planting these herbs will motivate me to do other things. These little herbs won’t be taking any days off so why should I. As I watch the herbs grow, I hope I also progress along with them. It is one thing do something (exercise, meditate, write, cook) one day after the other but it is another to truly progress.

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