Is Amsterdam affordable… not sure but here is what I did

Go ahead and google “Amsterdam weekend cheap” and you will find plenty of options that are budget and travel-friendly. You’ll find plenty ads for hotels or attractions but nothing that really tells you how much are going to spend. If you’re like me, you simply want to know about how much will I spend during my time there (hotel, food, attractions, etc.).  Below I’ve outlined exactly what I did and spent. It is meant to simply give you a ballpark estimate of what things cost.

Here are my tips. Pick out a couple must-see attractions and book them. Get a cheap hostel near the city center and walk around. If it looks cool from the outside, go in. If it looks expensive from the outside, it probably is. Your feet are your best friend as it is always easier to spot hidden gems on foot.


Below are my expenses on my 48 trip to Amsterdam

Expense Cost (in Euros, will convert at End)
One-Way Flight from Atlanta- Amsterdam Free using 30,000 delta points
Train ticket from airport to Amsterdam Centraal 10
2 night stay at hostel in city center 47
Breakfast (white/brown bread, ham, cheese, 2 mini croissants, coffee, oj 11.5
Bus and Boat city tour 25
Beer at local bar 5
Coffee Shop (reefer and water) 9
Local Dutch dinner with 2 beers 24
Breakfast- Bagel panini (ham, cheese, egg) 7.5
Heineken Brewery tour 17
Beer at local cafe 5
Coffee shop (reefer and cappuccino) 10
Beer at local bar 4.5
Beer to take home and write this blog with 3
Dinner (2 beef croquettes and 1 beer) 11.5
2 beers at craft beer bar 10
TOTAL 200 Euro ~$220 USD

I spent about $220 total in 48 hours and didn’t turn a single thing down I really wanted because of cost. If it looked good, I got it. I drank lots of beers because I love trying local beers. I skipped many of the museums because at the time I was more interested in walking around and taking it all in. I walked over 11 miles on Day 2 alone and loved every minute of it.  “But you missed X, I can’t believe you didn’t do Y, I would’ve definitely done Z.” I agree, I could’ve squeezed in more but this post isn’t about that. Simply put, I had an amazing time and experience in my 48 hours and this is a breakdown of what I spent.


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