A typical Remote Year conversation

So you’re on a side trip and you sit down at a bar with some remotes and after a few minutes the two people next to you recognize you speak English so you began to chat. Like many conversations on the road they begin with where are you from and what are you doing here. I say I’m from the States and just here traveling for the weekend, pretty standard. When our next comment is, ya we’ve been traveling for 5 months and have 7 more to go, that’s when the real conversation begins. Everyone is instantly so curious about how we are doing this, how we are paying for this, where have we been and where do we go next. The conversation goes from there and you instantly have new fiends. Now, I’ve had this conversation tens to hundreds of times now and I use it as a teaching opportunity. For example, recently I had a conversation with these two guys who were older gentleman on business in Budapest. They are amazed when I say, “I’m 25 and work remotely for an American company, I travel all over the world paying for it with the money I make while working about twenty hours a week. If I have an internet connection, I am able to work and my company doesn’t care where I am in the world as long as I get my work done. I work part-time so I have more time to enjoy the wonders of travel and am not only breaking-even but actually saving money on this trip. I don’t really spend more than I do back home and have been to 16 new countries in the past five months.” Well, that certainly makes an impression on people and helps bridge the gap between the new and old business mentality. The world is getting more and more global but also more and more mobile. Many companies have remote workers and many are comprised of only remote workers. These gentleman are interested in how it works, how we keep up with our tasks, how we communicate, how they might be able to do the same. It makes you feel like you are on the cutting edge of something new, something great and are able help educate people on whats coming next. These are some of my favorite conversations because as soon as someone says, “I’m jealous, I wish I could do that”, you are able to say you can, here’s how I did it.

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