Mokrin House- Serbian countryside bliss

When we arrive to each new city, we get a city preview from our local team that month. Each city has a local experience manager and local operations manager that help us integrate more into the city and give us tip and tricks to get by. So far, all the local team members have lived in the particular city for years and really know the ins and outs of it. The are certainly an invaluable part to the Remote Year experience. So in these city previews, they show a slideshow to introduce the city. Part of the presentation includes day trip ideas within the country. In Serbia, a place called Mokrin House was mentioned several times and the city team just raved about it. I didn’t really know what it was but had to go and I am writing this post here at Mokrin House as we speak.


Mokrin House is a co-living/working space in the rural country-side of northern Serbia. It is situated right along the Romanian border and isn’t far from Hungary. It is far from any big city and about two hours from Belgrade. The idea of Mokrin House is to give people with new and exciting ideas a place to collaborate that also serves as a safe haven away from the city to work and relax. Mokrin House is an estate with space for 36 people to stay, a dedicated workspace, a main dining room, a pool, a big green space, a puppy, bikes to explore the sunflower fields and countless other amazing amenities.  It is truly an amazing place that lets you relax, recharge and inspires creativity. In fact, I haven’t written a blog in over a month and have now caught up, writing four just today.


Mokrin house is a very modern and sustainable property. The pool is its own sustainable ecosystem, they grow tons of fruits and vegetables on property and the buildings were built using many renewable materials.

Ivan, the owner, and Mokrin house want to help educate the youth, teaching them skills like coding to allow them to be successful later in their lives. They hold workshops and other events to help integrate themselves into the local community while also being a place for company retreats. In fact while I visited, a development team was here on a retreat. I can’t think of a better place to work alongside a team on a creative project.

The service is impeccable, a truly five star experience. The prices are extremely reasonable and include your room, three delicious and healthy meals a day and all use of all of the facilities. On top on that, the staff is there to help with any need you might have from making you an early morning coffee to providing a towel after a quick swim. In fact, the service is even better than a five-star hotel because you get to interact and learn about the staff and their back stories. Even though I only stayed for two days, I felt like I was friends with the staff which made the experience even more special and unique.


It is amazing how refreshing a relaxing few days outside the city is. You have nowhere to be and nothing to worry about. Everything you need is at your fingertips and you can go off and explore on your own to clear your mind. This makes working very easy and naturally inspires creativity. It is hard for me to disconnect while traveling and working remotely and this was exactly the antidote I needed. Even though, I still have to work on my computer I still felt disconnected from technology and got to really enjoy being outside and relax under the sun. Staying at the Mokrin House was the best decision I made in Serbia and I will definitely be back again! Thanks to Ivan and all of the staff for making this an unforgettable experience!

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